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Our Services

Alacritas Advisers was designed in a manner allowing for small to mid-sized organizations to acquire the type of professional services that are normally reserved for large organizations. These organizations are the backbone of the unofficial homeless services network in the United States. We believe these organizations deserve true professional services from advisers that would make the largest organizations envious.


Professional services provided by Alacritas Advisers include increasing an organization’s leadership capabilities, building capacity, and increasing revenues. Each area draws upon the different skill sets of the Alacritas Advisers who are selected based on their education and experience.

Explore Our Offerings

Strengthening Leaders

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Create new value

  • Strategy and operational planning

Capacity Building

  • Holistic assessments

  • Comprehensive actions

  • Relationships that last


  • Government funding

  • Grant applications and management

  • Annual and comprehensive campaigns

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