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Alacritas Advisers is rooted in the belief that constituent engagement is key to sustainable change. Organizations that bring about change also know how to engage others in a manner that leads to shared action. To help organizations know their constituents better, Alacritas Advisers provides a framework that begins with the question:


Where are we?

This question reveals an organization’s commitment to assessing itself and listening for the strengths and opportunities within their community. In this regard, Alacritas Advisers provides the following services:


Constituent Assessments

Perception is the beginning. It is essential to know what stakeholders think as it impacts an organization’s ability to succeed. 


Strategic Assessments

Plans need to be followed. However, it is not that simple if the strategy has not been accepted by its primary stakeholders.

Operational Assessments

How you do what you do matters. Systems are complicated and people are even more complicated.

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