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Capacity Building

Working with people experiencing homelessness who are striving to move to permanent housing requires an organization that is designed to accomplish that goal. This internal capacity will not emerge on its own – it must be intentionally designed and then built. Improving an organization’s internal capacity is a process that looks at the organization holistically and then focuses on areas where needs are most acute.

At the highest level a variety of areas need to be assessed and, if needed, improved upon including:

  • Values: Shared and respected

  • Strategy: Comprehensive and designed for success 

  • Structure: The right people in the right roles

  • Capabilities: Know what needs to be known

  • Systems: Processes that make sense are rooted in policy

  • Staff: Hiring, understanding what employees need to succeed, retention

  • Relationships: The way employees and management interact

Alacritas Advisers is able to assist organizations through thoughtful assessments that identify areas where there is the greatest need for attention, developing an action plan, and systematically building the operational and human resource capacities needed for mission attainment.  

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