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Our Formula

The Alacritas Advisers formula for working with clients is rooted in a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that impact their lives. This understanding comes from years of experience that each adviser brings to the conversation. Our process follows a relationship framework in which Alacritas Advisers:​


  • Gets to know your organization

  • Creates value with your organization

  • Elevates your organization so it is able to act upon the value that was created

Working with Alacritas Advisers is a simple and straightforward process that uses plain language, forthright communications, and professional service fee arrangements either by project or as an ongoing retainer.


How We Work

To Know

  • Know your mission

  • Know your team

  • Know your constituents

To Create

  • Create positive

  • Create strategies that are embraced

  • Create and increase capacity

To Elevate

  • Elevate board engagement

  • Elevate employees to live out the mission

  • Elevate communities to increase involvement

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