Elevating can be the initial launch of a nonprofit or writing the next chapter of a storied institution. Organizations are more likely to succeed when asking questions that include engaging others as part of the answer. To help organizations elevate themselves and others, Alacritas Advisers provides a leadership framework that includes the question:

How do we get everyone there together? 
This question compels leaders to draw upon the skills and commitment of its stakeholders. To help in that regard, Alacritas Advisers provides the following services:

Constituent Partnerships
People are better together. Partnerships are appropriate when a needed value can only be created by organizations working together. Entering a partnership can be both beneficial and challenging. 

Community Capacity

Give to others. As organizations become stronger they are able to share and facilitate the exchange of best practices. As a convener, they can accelerate and frame conversations to benefit the community. 

Gather around the table. Connectives™ are groups of stakeholders gathered around a shared passion in search of new ideas. The members include grant-making institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits.