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Leading a small to mid-sized organization that works with people experiencing homelessness calls for unique skills. Leaders need to cast a vision for the board, inspire staff, motivate donors, engage stakeholders, be strategically astute, and operationally aware.


Alacritas Advisers helps leaders recognize their own skills and gifts, understand the situation in which they lead, and discern nuances that will influence their leadership style. Organizations need leaders that can change, evolve, and mature as the vision unfolds. To help in this regard Alacritas Advisers provides:

  • ​Engaging and educational assessments for key organizational leaders

  • Creation and execution of plans to help leaders grow

  • Short and long-term coaching

  • Planning with executive team and key leaders

  • Planning with Board members

  • Leadership training for multiple levels of the organization

  • Strategic and operational planning

Alacritas Advisers is prepared to assist with the creation and implementation of plans to improve the effectiveness of organizational leaders through the development of a sound strategy and complimentary leadership support. 

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