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alacritās f (genitive alacritātis)

cheerfulness, eagerness, persistence, joy, fervour, ardour​

Nonprofits dedicated to emergency, supportive, and permanent housing need a Board of Directors and executives that can lead confidently into the future. But it is not easy. 

If your organization is facing a significant challenge or standing at a crossroad where inaction is the greatest risk, you know that time is of the essence. But your time is at a premium.  


Alacritas Advisers provides expert counsel to nonprofit board members that need to make quick and confident decisions that will impact the organization’s trajectory and resolve thorny matters. 

According to the National Center on Charitable Statistics, 30% of nonprofits fail after 10 years of operations.


And Forbes indicates that:


  • Over half of nonprofits are destined to fail or stall…due to leadership issues and lacking a strategic plan

  • Success is measured by low administrative costs and not by the impact the organization brings to the community

  • Only 20% of charitable giving is unrestricted

  • 50% of nonprofit employees indicate they are nearly or totally burned out

  • While 75% of nonprofits collect data few feel they are using it well

  • Access to capital is the biggest obstacle for 81% of organizations

You know where the organization is now must change. And you know where the organization needs to be. We provide the expertise to help you bridge that gap.

While these statistics may be sobering, board members can recognize signs that a change is needed such as increasing expenses, decreasing revenues, diminished fundraising, tension among staff, high turnover, a disengaged executive team, and a board that is not fully activated.


Boards that find themselves in these situations can address their challenges if they move with alacrity.

Moving with alacrity means going forward briskly and joyfully—both key attributes of a renewed organization.

Our Services

Our Services

To Know

  • Know your mission

  • Know your team

  • Know your constituents

To Create

  • Create positive

  • Create strategies that are embraced

  • Create and increase capacity

To Elevate

  • Elevate board engagement

  • Elevate employees to live out the mission

  • Elevate communities to increase involvement

Testimonials for Founder William Wallish Gorman

"He built the division from scratch with great skill and vision. Bill understands the needs of local communities and businesses like few others I know."

Andreas Widmer

Director, The Arthur and Carlyse Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship

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