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Experts In Homelessness


As a nonprofit consulting firm we work with small to mid-sized organizations focused on homelessness and changing their communities. But change brings challenges and this is where Alacritas Advisers comes in.

alacritas f (genitive alacritātis)

cheerfulness, eagerness, persistence, joy, fervour, ardour​

Our Core Services

Strengthening Leaders

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Create new value

  • Strategy and operational planning

Capacity Building

  • Holistic assessments

  • Comprehensive actions

  • Relationships that last


  • Government funding

  • Grant applications and management

  • Annual and comprehensive campaigns

Our Formula

To Know

  • Know your mission

  • Know your team

  • Know your constituents

To Create

  • Create positive

  • Create strategies that are embraced

  • Create and increase capacity

To Elevate

  • Elevate board engagement

  • Elevate employees to live out the mission

  • Elevate communities to increase involvement

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