Nonprofits elevate their organization and constituents when they have a concrete plan and have engaged  the appropriate constituents.


Strategic planning begins with active communications from the outset so investors and constituents are engaged in meaningful conversation. Sharing the initial dream allows others to make refinements and add context to quantitative data by asking four simple yet profound questions:

- Who are we now and why?

- Who do we want to be and why?

- Where do we want to go and why?

- How do we get everyone there together?



Driving a plan forward is dependent upon a myriad of factors including “soft skills” that influence culture, enable change, and animate the skills of everyone. At the end of the strategic planning initiative Alacritas will provide:

- A strategic plan with benchmarks for leadership, operations, and communications.

- A diet of habits to refine organizational culture.

- Implementation training and support.

- Training tailored to specific strategic plans.

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