COVID-19 Response

May 7, 2020

Dear Friends

As someone who has worked in the nonprofit field for 25 years, I understand the complexities presented by COVID-19. In 2019 I founded Alacritas Advisers, LLC, a national human services consulting firm, based in Washington DC. A key aspect of our work is helping nonprofits better engage their constituent networks.  While all nonprofits have been impacted by recent events not all have been impacted to the same extent. The strongest nonprofits have the strongest constituent networks. Nonprofits with weak to moderate networks are at risk of losing financial, practical, and political support at a critical time. For this reason, I am offering to provide pro-bono services to three nonprofits who need to improve their constituent networks.

Nonprofits with annual revenues between 5-10 million dollars are uniquely vulnerable since many were growing before COVID-19 but now the attention of their leaders has been redirected and the Board of Directors is making decisions in unchartered territory. Interwoven with this reality is the need to engage leadership, staff, clients, benefactors, elected officials and government, private, and faith-based agencies. Potential key links with each of these groups are the nonprofit’s constituents – provided they are engaged.

Most nonprofits are learning to operate in new ways and struggling to find time to engage their constituents.  Recognizing the difficulty of this task, my hope is that you will consider submitting a request for pro-bono services. We are at an historic inflection point and assisting one another is essential.




William Wallish Gorman

Founder and Principal


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